High speed aggressive guitars, technical drumming, vicious vocals and progressive song structures are all characteristics that describes the extreme metal band based out in Moncton, NB called Dischord. Persevering against all odds and rejuvenated with new blood in the band, Dischord once again emanates pride, ambition and a will to conquer. Always striving for originality and remaining true to themselves, they write aggressive music that reflects the horrors of our society. As much as there is discordances in the band’s music, Dischord’s lyrics are about the discordance of a globalized uni-cultural capitalistic world that is on a rapid decline towards oblivion and also the discordance that can be found in one’s soul. Fighting for the next generation, they are defined by what they hate.

Dischord has shared the stage with artists such as Behemoth, Martyr, Cryptopsy, Origin, Skinless, Anonymus, Neuraxis, Misery Index, Unexpect, Augury, Quo Vadis, Beneath the Massacre & Ion Dissonance.

For Fans of: Death, Quo Vadis and Testament


Norm Robichaud :: Vocals         Luc Gagne :: Guitar & Backing Vocals         Eric Gibbs :: Drums         Sylvain Francoeur :: Guitar         Jimmy Hamilton :: Bass

Dischord - Casualties Of War CD [CD-D5R018]

Casualties Of War CD

1. Casualties of War
2. Silent Genocide
3. Shadow Demons
4. Spiritual Suicide
5. Mortal Deity
7. Les Ténèbres
8. Solitary Confinement

Dischord’s sophomore album Casualties of War features 8-songs of calculated and aggressive, thought provoking metal.

“If you like your thrash metal to be uncompromisingly brutal and violent, yet still thought-provoking and intriguing, the debut effort from Canadian thrashers Dischord may be right up your alley.”
Sea Of Tranquility

“Dischord is able and comfortable doing many different sounds, textures, and feels, while still keeping the final product rooted in a defined genre. They push the envelope the perfect amount–enough to keep the listener interested, but not too much so as to alienate them”

Dischord - Siege Of Darkness [CD-D5R003]

Siege Of Darkness CD

1. Treblenka
2. AK-47
3. NukeFace
4. Dysfunctional Conformity
5. Siege of Darkness
6. Angels Inferno

Diminished Fifth Records, in partnership with Dischord is pleased to be releasing ‘Siege of Darkness’, a six-song album with 40-minutes of punishing, yet intelligent music. With the release New Brunswick’s Dischord solidifies their place in the East Coast extreme metal scene.

“The record itself is what any Destruction or Coroner fanatic will love, it has one or two edgy approaches but they also come with a classic vibe surrounding them”

“I dig the production sound, raw as it is, and this band hit the spot with their mixture of old Bay Area thrash sounds and crossover vibe”
Exclaim! Magazine

“Man this band sounds pretty old school being the quality has that old sounding dirty feel to it. I dig this old school stuff”Necrometal