Failure Epics

FAILURE EPICS is the brainchild of prolific Canadian song writer Jon Epworth (Dean Malenkos, Jon Epworth & The Improvements). A 6-song album inspired by King Crimson and Yes as well as more modern metal acts like Meshuggah, Mastodon and Converge. The theme is based around the concept of a maculate conception – a new species willed into existence by the earth’s consciousness; disease and waste incarnate, born solely for the evisceration of the human race: born sexless, born bloodless. It serves as an allegory for the plight of animals, womankind and our natural environs – three entities continually oppressed and inextricably linked.

Jon is the recipient of multiple composition grants from the Canada Council for the Arts and province of Nova Scotia, where he spent the better part of a decade honing his songwriting skills and performance chops. He has worked as a session musician as both a drummer and vocalist, and for his latest releases (Soul Mange on his own imprint Leutonia Recordings; Failure Epics with Diminished Fifth Records) he has put his abilities as a multi-instrumentalist to the test.

King Crimson, Yes, Mastodon & Porcupine Tree


Jon Epworth

Failure Epics – Failure Epics LP [CD-D5R019]

Failure Epics LP

1. clear eyes
2. soothsayer
3. a reflection
4. we are men
5. riverbend pt. 1
6. riverbend pt. 2
7. hands/eyes *exclusive to vinyl

Download the lyrics to Failure Epics.

All songs composed, performed, produced by Jon Epworth, except: Horns: Don Murray
Backing Vox on ‘riverbend pt.1′: Chris Fudge
Engineered by Mike Kuehn & Jon Epworth
Mixed by Mike Kuehn
Mastered by Ryan Mills

“Failure Epics is 36 minutes of astute prog, all wrapped in a glistening chrysalis of intrepid ideas and aspirations. It’s a grower—the more you listen, the more you discover, and that seals its credentials as a grand prog debut.”
Six Noises

“this is a musical triumph; a work that demonstrates astounding compositional skills”
Alternative Matter