Exhaled in 2001, New Brunswick whiskey-fueled Gallactus are like a fuzzy mallet to the eardrums. With their devil horns saluting the dark blues of Black Sabbath and the gravel throat of Motorhead, the four-piece are one of the forefathers of New Brunswick stoner metal, along with Iron Giant and Mood Cadillac. With the release of their fourth album Nine Mile Woods, Gallactus are ready to up the ante when it comes to earth-shaking heaviness with fuzzed-out guitar and bass and thunderous drums, the band
is rounded out with whiskey-burned vocals.

With more than 100 shows under their belt, the four-piece has shared the stage with national acts such as Alexisonfire, Misery Index, Neuraxis, Goat Horn and established locals acts Iron Giant, Hope, Heavy Doobie, The Ditchpigs, Bucket Truck and Earth A.D.

For Fans of: Orange Goblin, High on Fire and Motorhead


Dan Hodgson :: Vocals         Jason McAllister :: Bass         Shaun Crawford :: Guitar         Chris Crawford :: Drums

Gallactus - Nine Mile Woods CD [CD-D5R005]

Nine Mile Woods CD

1. The Fury
2. Locust Noose
3. Skin Job
4. 12 Point Buck
5. Solar Eyes
6. Scars of the Axehandle
7. Nine Mile Woods
8. 16 Volts
9. DeathsHeadMoth
10. Kilmister
11. The Doom

Nine Mile Woods is earth shaking collection of 11-songs which transcend various genres such as Stoner, Metal, Doom, and Rock and further helps push the boundaries of ones preconceptions of ‘Stoner-Rock’. So pass the bong… Gallactus is back!

“Here’s your refresher take equal parts stoner rock, sludge, and doom and bash them all together until you get a thick, syrupy paste that coats your ears and pollutes your mind”

“awesome doom-filled stoner rock. Again, pass the bong”
Unrestrained Magazine

“Cosmic Bong Rock sounds like a perfect way to describe Gallactus’ sound. Raw, dirty, and full of energy, this is a group that stoner fans need to check out if they haven’t already”
Cosmic Gaming