Iron Giant

IRON GIANT is crushing, relentless, bulldozer of a band. The intensity of their live show is as legendary as their off-stage insanity, and, unlike most, you should believe the bullshit. The Giant is out to prove a point, with down tuned fury and blue collar frustration, they plan to show you that they fight, and bleed, for what they believe in……and few can match their blood and piss conviction while doing so. Iron Giant’s Sabbath meets Motorhead monstrosity is the heaviest of the “Rock” with enough ball-rumbling groove to get the whole room breakin’ stuff. Although fairly inactive during the last part of 2011(idealy working on a new disc to follow up their E.C.M.A. award winning Creator of Scars), and with only a handful of shows to vent their aggressions and excise their demons, the Giant plans to destroy far more stages (as well as inflict pain on your liver), in the New Year.

For Fans of: Motorhead, Black Sabbath, Clutch and The Sword


Chris Lewis :: Vocals         Jon Flanagan :: Drums         PJ Dunphy :: Bass         Ghandy :: Guitar

Iron Giant - Creator Of Scars CD [CD-D5R004]

Creator Of Scars CD

1. Creator of Scars
2. Blind by Midnight
3. Fuel on the Fire
4. I Need To…
5. Black Hides the Sin
6. Workin’ Class
7. Nothin’ Means Nothin’ to Lose
8. Everytime
9. I Bleed
10. Ain’t So Bad
11. Flip the Switch
12. One Million Times

The highly anticipated sophomore album “Creator of Scars” doesn’t just pick up where their 2002 debut “No Longer Sleeping” left off, it tramples the listener with a dozen mammoth new tracks. You will bang your head, shake your ass, reach for the Jagermeister and then beg for more…

“Passionate and dynamic, motivated and roaring, Creator of Scars is like a fully-loaded semi uncontrollably barreling down the highway at a puny Toyota. You can imagine what happens when said transport finally connects”
Exclaim! Magazine

“the mighty grooves are irresistible and unfolding as much energy like a power station”
Cosmic Lava

“If you like you metal grooving Iron Giant have created a gift for you. Don’t deny your ears the treat of hearing this”