Orchid's Curse

With two acclaimed releases, a horror-themed music video and a pair of ‘Loud Recording of the Year’ nominations under their belt, Nova Scotia’s Orchid’s Curse have been paving their way as one of Canada’s finest underground metal bands. Known for their intense live performances the band delicately combine unadulterated aggression and intensity with distinct melodic guitar driven harmonies.

Over the years Orchid’s Curse has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with such established artists as: Children of Bodom, Cancer Bats, Fuck the Facts, Misery Index, 3 Inches of Blood, Martyr, Baptized in Blood, Beneath the Massacre, Ion Dissonance, Neuraxis, Ninjaspy and many others.

For Fans of: Darkest Hour, Pantera and At the Gates


Josh Hogan :: Vocals         Brian Jones :: Guitar & Vocals         Keith MacLeod :: Guitar         Kevin Mombourquette :: Bass         Bobby Webb :: Drums

Orchid's Curse – Words CD [CD-D5R024]

Words CD
1. Baptismalpractice
2. For Those Who Grovel
3. Lie to Live the Lie
4. If We’re Divine
5. Indifferences
6. Words
7. Provisions For A Journey
8. Through the Hourglass
9. We Sigh
10. His Servants
11. The Masquerade of Sin

The third album from Nova Scotia’s melodic metal-heads ORCHID’S CURSE!

“Few bands demand that each album be a progression, a growth, in the way that Orchid’s Curse does. No musical influence is turned away, but everything is twisted, melded into an intense metal experience that makes your head bang one moment and your toes tap the next… With Words, Orchid’s Curse has spread its metallic wings a little further and at the same time created the most cohesive, memorable album of its career.”

Orchid's Curse – Voices: The Tales of Broken Men CD [CD-D5R015]

Voices: The Tales of Broken Men CD
1. Above Moyobamba {euphoria}
2. The Delicate Art of Dying {despair}
3. The Workhorse Walks Alone {regret}
4. Rites of Sacrifice {hope}
5. It was the darkest day we’d never see {mourning}
6. Let the Ashes Bury this Life {anger}
7. …of the Flesh {ecstasy}
8. Shadows of Imitation {envy}
9. The Animal {contempt}
10. The Voice: i. Into the Beyond {apathy} / ii. The Cold Whisper {empathy}

The sophomore album by Dartmouth’s Orchid’s Curse Drawing influences from life and death, the spectrum of human emotions and the ideas of man Orchid’s Curse is a band that writes songs which are a delicate balance of harmony and melody with the assaulting nature of metal.

“Their music is undeniably heavy, but it’s also dense with trippy excursion and ethereal edges to the intensity… they play with sincerity, brains, skill and humour”
Exclaim! Magazine“Voices: The Tales of Broken Men is a huge step forward and progression for the band. It’s obvious that the members of Orchid’s Curse spent time listening to prog-metal and prog-rock in between writing for their first album and this one. Not that they’ve eschewed all of their previous metallic ways, quite the contrary, they’ve embraced and built upon an already solid foundation”
Sea Of Tranquility

“Voices… offers ten tracks of pure unadulterated heaviness from one of the Maritimes best up and coming acts”

Orchid's Curse – Goodbye Is When The Casket Closes CD [CD-D5R001]

Goodbye Is When The Casket Closes CD
1. Obsession
2. Secure the Insecure
3. Mark the Day
4. Goodbye is When the Casket Closes
5. Behind the Skin
6. SuckerPunch
7. Style Bleeds

The Orchid’s Curse have created a contemporary piece of uncompromising modern metal. Seven songs which avoid the clichés of traditional metal music, without sacrificing heaviness or melody. Armed with a diverse approach to song writing and coupled with focused lyrical delivery this Dartmouth based 5-piece is here to prove they are more than just another metal band. With a tasteful amalgamation of various musical styles such as, Hardcore, Punk, and Prog, they build on their existing metal foundation for a distinctive sound which appeals to purists and everyday fans alike.

“lots of drive, melodic guitars and a heavy-set dose of aggro-intensity”
Unrestrained“For those that are into the new progressive metal movement will definitely like Orchids Curse”
The Gauntlet

“this is much closer to the roots, much more metallic hardcore than ‘metalcore’”Alternative Zine