The balance is chaotically maintained in the thunderous power and disparate dementia of Pith. Since 2007, Pith has released 2012′s “Fore” ep and 2013′s “Baptisms Along The Acheron” one-song ep on Diminished Fifth Records/Digital.

For Fans of: Mercyful Fate and Autopsy


Jason Vautour :: Guitar         Brett Campaigne :: Vocals         Graham Ferguson :: Studio Drums & Vocals         Troy Kirker :: Bass

Pith - Baptisms Along The Acheron [digital-D5R025]

Baptisms Along The Acheron

1. Baptisms Along The Acheron

(Halifax, NS) – Pith will be following up 2012′s “Fore” Ep (Diminished Fifth Records) with an 11-and-a-half minute long song called “Baptisms Along The Acheron” as a digital-only-release on D5 Digital (an imprint of Diminished Fifth Records) on Tuesday April 16th 2013. For a video teaser check here, teaser credits: Editing by Nick Jones, Assisted by Jason Vautour.

Pith - Fore [digital-D5R020]


1. Pith
2. Counterinformant
3. Pervertin
4. Compressor

Recorded by Kyle McDonald and John “Jerome” Hogg (both of PERVERT and SuperBob Studios) and Nick Jones (We’re Doomed).

Written and performed by a variety of highly varied and experienced musicians from Halifax, Nova Scotia who have metal in their hearts.

“This would be a fine soundtrack to those dreams where you’re being pursued down a narrow hallway by something with chainsaws for teeth.”
Exclaim! Magazine

“the listener is drawn into Pith’s dark nightmare scenes, consisting of buzz saw riffs, bone crunching beats on bloody drums, played with festered bones and dark bass guitar”
Alt Sounds (UK)