Rusted Dawn

Formed in 2004, Rusted Dawn is a hail of speed emerging from the East Coast of Canada. Influenced by pretty much everything under the sun, the four dudes strive to bring something original to the table while playing the music they live and breathe for – neck-splitting speed meets crushing, all-out power. No strangers to the east coast metal scene Rusted Dawn has two self released EP’s ‘The Toxic Shock E.P.’ (2006) and ‘The Red Collar E.P.’ (2008) and have shared the stage alongside infamous touring acts such as Fuck The Facts, The End, and Cancer Bats, as well as notable east coast heavyweights such as Gallactus, Iron Giant, and Hellacaust to name a few.

For Fans of: Disfear, Toxic Holocaust and Nuclear Assault


Jeremy Goddard :: Vocals & Rhythm Guitar         Justin Goddard :: Lead Guitar         Chad McMillan :: Bass         Tom Blizzard :: Drums

Rusted Dawn – The Black Tides of War CD [CD-D5R011]

The Black Tides of War CD

1. Prologue
2. Red Collar
3. Waking Streets
4. By The Hammer Of Thor
5. Derelict
6. Master Species
7. Stigmantis
8. Where Turns The Tide
9. I Am Becoming Death
10. The Black Tides Of War

10 Tracks of blistering, doom-ridden, speed metal in a killer digi-pack.

“Every ounce of their being is focused on speed and aggression, all the way down to the solid drumming and hoarse vocals”
Metal Review

“headbang-able riffs and shredding solos”
Rock Freaks

“The Black Tides Of War readily confirms Rusted Dawn’s mastery of chug riffs battling abrasive tempos and a general sense of caustic tension”
Exclaim! Magazine

“Simple, raw, non-overloaded Thrash for those who prefer it that way”
Metal Crypt