This trio delivers the sludgy noise from southern New Brunswick in walls of dissonant feedback and blasts without losing groove. Dual vocals and slamming drums keep the dynamics tight throughout their attack. The Daisy Anthesis is an ever-evolving beast that will never die.

For Fans of: Ion Dissonance, Fuck the Facts, The Chariot, KEN mode


Scott Miller :: Guitar & Vocals         Scott Lilly :: Bass & Vocals         Andrew Martin :: Drums

THE.DAISY.ANTHESIS – Surface and the Sky CD [CD-D5R012]

Surface and the Sky CD

1. pretty and pitied
2. m.m.b.m.m.b.
3. nothing
4. in the eyes of the prosecutor
5. embracing the subconscious
6. provoking your indirection
7. quietness to pacify
8. transparent (part 3)
9. why do you always smile when my heart becomes an urn?
10. the profound
11. here

11 songs of calculated madness in a breathtaking digi-pack. The end result is whispering melodies, groove-filled metal riffs and chaotic noise.

“The progressive elements add an extra layer of melody to soften the blows from the death metal side, and even that part is enjoyable”
Metal Storm

“Plenty of crushing riffs and breakdowns here, plus complex, proggy/jazzy passages for all the technical geeks, which makes for exciting, if not somewhat familiar listening”
Rock Freaks

“dynamic sounding trio who have a ton of potential”
Pure Grain Audio

“Bolstered by a killer production which gives the guitars and bass a deep resonant presence and the requisite instrumental mastery, the resultant 11 songs serve their goal of being a sonic battering ram”
Metal Review