Thy Flesh Consumed

Thy Flesh Consumed is violent hybrid harnessing the most extreme and aggressive elements of grind, black and death metal targeting the veiled faults of our pathetic humanity.

Onward Hereitic War Machine


Peter Mestre :: Vocals         Gerald Smith :: Drums         Dan Jamieson :: Rhythm & Lead Guitar         Dave Burns :: Lead & Rhythm Guitar         Ross Vickers :: Bass

Thy Flesh Consumed – Unrepentant CD [CD-D5R010]

Unrepentant CD

1. Siege Engine Of Unreligion
2. The Disciplined Scorn
3. Blood Drenched Creation
4. The Demolition Of Thought
5. Ordinance Subservience
6. Devout Heathen
7. Hasten The Apocalypse
8. Sacrilege And Clarity
9. Thralldom Of The Crowning Mania

Thy Flesh Consumed return with their long awaited fourth and final album. Reaching speeds over 320bpm, Unrepentant is unparalleled in its blend of aggression, power and eye opening lyrical themes, forging the ultimate irreligious album. Features a 20-page full colour booklet and 9 anthems dedicated to their devout heathens.

“Bestial Pandemonium”
Mouth For War

“Unrepentant is a searing victory not only for eight year old grind/death quintet Thy Flesh Consumed but also for their respective genre”

“Their music is uncompromisingly brutal and merciless, their ethos is unapologetically blasphemous, and they’re just underground enough that you feel really savvy to know about them”
Pure Grain Audio

“Working-class, violent, and decidedly vile”
Metal Review

“Unrepentant is fast, heavy, relentless and above all, demonic, showcasing a well-executed combination of death, grind and black metal”
Exclaim! Magazine