We, The Undersigned

Like a cocoon during metamorphosis, We, the Undersigned’s pause from live-music during the summer is leading to an impending onslaught of change. Having paired up with Halifax-based Diminished Fifth records, We, the Undersigned are putting the finishing touches on their debut full-length album, “Bleed the Constants”; a ten-song opus of crushing melody which celebrates the union between absurdity with order, novelty with impermanence.

We, the Undersigned were honoured having played the 2008 East-Coast Music Awards along with other established East-Coast rockers Iron Giant and Orchid’s Curse. Other bands whom We, the Undersigned are grateful to have played alongside include Children of Eve, What’s He Building in There?, Today I Caught The Plague, Protest the Hero, Fuck The Facts, Man With Target, Cancer Bats, and The End.

For Fans of: Every Time I Die, Protest the Hero, and Fall of Troy


Andy Stevens :: Guitar & Vocals         Jai Sadler :: Bass & Vocals         Tyler Feeney :: Vocals

We, The Undersigned – Bleeding The Constants CD [CD-D5R009]

Bleeding The Constants CD

2. Pangaea Mind
3. Burning Bodies (in the Distance)
4. Flight of the Teratorns
5. Tonight I Dine on Turtle Soup
6. The Eschaton
7. Bleed the Constants
8. Samadhi
9. Making a Break for the Ocean
10. Strassman’s Child

The debut full-length from Fredericton, New Brunswick’s We, the Undersigned is an epic amalgamation of thought-provoking metal and melody.

“Bleed the Constants shows a band fully embracing their extreme nature… the band can craft a catchy tune but house that melody within some truly monstrous metal arrangements”
Sea of Tranquility

“the record is loaded with seizure-inducing sweetness, and it’s so much fun being unaware of which direction your body will be thrown next”
Pure Grain Audio

“So if you’re into bands like Every Time I Die, Cancer Bats and Protest the Hero you’ll need to imprint the name of We, The Undersigned in your memory”
Scratch The Surface

“the tempos and dynamics are constantly changing and listeners will be excited to discover what happens throughout the course of each track”
Cosmos Gaming