Wizards Of Kaos

The wheels of this stoner rock and roll machine started turning in late 2009 when ex-sHeavy guitarist Dan Moore took the helm of guitar and vocals and joined forces with Ritche Perez, Karl Hawkins and Jim Barter to create WIZARDS OF KAOS. After self-releasing their “New World Mistress” EP the band recorded their self-titled, full-length album at Ritche’s Maghouse Studio in St. John’s Newfoundland which is set to be released in May 2012 by east coast metal label Diminished Fifth Records. The 13 songs fuse stoner rock with heavy metal with emphasis on making things bigger, heavier, tighter and meaner than their previous EP.

For Fans of: The Sword, Priestess, Corrosion of Conformity and Kyus


Dan Moore :: Guitar/Vocals         Ritche Perez :: Guitar         Karl Hawkins :: Bass         Jim Barter :: Drums

Wizards Of Kaos - Wizards Of Kaos CD [CD-D5R021]

Wizards Of Kaos CD

1. Zeros and Ones
2. Bombs and Gasoline
3. Coyote Eyes
4. Digging up Our Dead
5. Down from the skies
6. Ear Hole
7. New World Mistress
8. Pain & Misery
9. Running Red
10. Sixteen
11. The Great Shadow
12. The River
13. White Face

13 songs of groove heavy, metal-laced stoner rock!